co-authored with Joyce Ellenbecker

Meditations to Live By: Attuning to the Power of Love (front cover)In these chaotic times, there is so much uncertainty, so much to distract and discourage, to throw us off balance. In Meditations to Live by: Attuning to the Power of Love, practitioner-teachers Ellenbecker and Diamond offer 28 original meditations to help shift your perspective and re-awaken your zest for living.

The underlying principles come from Attunement, an energy healing practice that sees love as the essence of all-that-is. The meditations are intended to complement any existing spiritual or religious beliefs and practice, they can be used as an introduction or as a deepening experience. Topics range from peace to clarity to listening to the body and grounding your energy.

Meditations to Live By: Attuning to the Power of Love (back cover)Each piece stands alone and can be read, spoken, shared or used in groups. The words, imbued by spirit, engage the reader’s mind, heart and body, stirring the capacity to think and to feel.

Meditations to Live by includes stunning photographs, poems, and a generous dollop of practical wisdom and guidance. But its major impact comes from the atmosphere that infuses all the readings.

Through these guided explorations, a gentle, organic process is set into motion, a rhythm, a flow, a movement toward life with grace and ease.

Judie Arbess Diamond, B.Sc., M.A.

The foundations of Judie’s life and work are spiritual healing, music, communication, friendship and family. Attunement has been a personal practice since 1982 and a professional practice for over 20 years. She also officiates at ceremonial occasions—weddings, etc. Her passion is to assist people of all ages to fulfill their deepest longing for self-expression and deep relationship. She divides her time between Montreal and rural Ontario.

Joyce A. H. Ellenbecker, M.S.

Joyce works with energy fields and teaches a spiritual meditation and healing practice called Attunement. She has been practicing Attunement since 1976 and teaching Attunement classes since 1999. She is also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a non-denominational minister. She lives in the Phoenix, AZ area.

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