Attunement is a form of energy healing, steeped in spiritual practice. The dictionary definition of attunement with a small ‘a’ is “to bring into harmony.”  The goal of a session is to align body, mind and emotions with Spirit, by whatever name—to align with a larger Whole, universal energy, God.

Most people find it relaxing and calming and feel more like ‘themselves’ afterwards, more able to cope with every aspect of their lives. It feels like coming back to your original blueprint, or natural state (see testimonials).

We call it “sharing attunement” to emphasize that what happens is a blending of energy between two beings. We say, “Let love radiate without concern for results.” Or, my choice, “Let love show the way.” When there is an openness to a higher power, i.e. to love, there is an infusion of life-force that impacts the energy of the attuner and the attunee alike.

My sessions are focused on whatever Life would have happen, on an enhanced quality of life, no matter your circumstances. There is a life- purpose component to these sessions, or perhaps it is more accurate to say a discovery of life’s purpose for you.

The underlying assumption is that when you shift the energy/consciousness/ awareness level/ vibrational surround of a person’s field of energy, everything that flows from that base is free to change as well. Flow is restored.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Feeling clearer about virtually everything.
  • Fresh perspective on situations, relationships.
  • Better relationship with your own physicality, mental function and emotions.
  • A sense of enhanced integration of yourself. As one friend put it, “I feel all my parts rushing in to line up.”
  • Many people feel “lighter” afterwards, yet more in-their-bodies and grounded.


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